File System Structure:

Type File System


Size Backup Quota size per user
$HOME /moes/home/$LOGNAME Users home directory NA Yes - incremental backup to TAPE - only users home directory 100GB per User
store the user's source, input data, and small and important result files.
Globally accessible from login and compute nodes.
$WORK /iitm1 Group's common storage space.
huge files (restart files, files to be pre-/postprocessed).
For more information contact to Aditya support.
1.1PB NO Contact to Aditya support/Program Manager
/iitm2 961TB NO
/iitm3 801TB NO
/imd 601TB NO
/incois 601TB NO
/monsoon 801TB NO
/moes/data -- NO
/moes/scratch Any files older than 7 days will be automatically deleted. -- NO
$OTHER /moes/models Standard model release versions. Read access only. NA NO NA