Get access to Aaditya HPC

Only IITM, IMD and INCIOS users can login to aaditya HPC.

Obtaining an Account

To get an account on the AADITYA HPC systems please send an email to "aaditya uderscore support at the rate tropmet dot res dot in" which contains the approval from project head.


Login with Secure Shell

The following features of secure shell are relevant for users of Aaditya HPC systems:

Access via SSH (Secure Shell) is described as below:

Basic usage of ssh is very simple. If you are accessing Aaditya HPC from IITM campus : Issue the command

ssh -X -l username (Internal IP ofr IITM users) OR ssh -X username@ (Internal IP ofr IITM users)

You can use this shorter command if your Aaditya username is the same as the username on your local computer:

ssh -X (Internal IP ofr IITM users)

and enter the password when prompted. If the authentication is successfully concluded, you have a login shell on the target system. The target system typically must be specified with its full domain name.

If you are accessing Aaditya HPC from outside of IITM, then use ssh as below (Please contact Aditya Support for IP):


A secure copy mechanism is also provided:

scp my_file my_aadityahpc_account@target_aaditya_system:remote_dir

will, for example, copy the local file my_file to the directory ~/remote_dir on the remote system. This directory must exist prior to the copy attempt.

Troubleshooting tips

Some users (Mac users, for example) need to include the -Y option rather than -X to enable X Window forwarding.

ssh -Y (Internal IP ofr IITM users)

Users in some cases are unable to start an xterm window after logging in or when running a job. They may receive an error message similar to the following one or their jobs may fail.

xterm Xt error: Can't open display: localhost:12.0
Removing the .Xauthority file from your /glade/u/home/username directory as shown here may solve the problem. A new .Xauthority file will be created when you exit and log in again.

rm .Xauthority
rm: remove regular file `.Xauthority'? yes

After you log in for the first time, install SSH keys on Aaditya HPC so you can run jobs on cluster without having to authenticate each time you submit a job.

While secure shell is installed by default on Aaditya HPC systems, it may be necessary to install it on your system.


Steps to change password on first login on Aaditya HPC

  1. ssh userid@ipaddress (For IP address contact your system admin)
  2. Use admin supplied password to log in
  3. System will ask to change the password
  4. After changing the session will automatically terminate.
  5. ssh userid@ipaddress
  6. Use the changed password from previous step
  7. From the same session, login ino management node by issuing ssh mn1
  8. Use the admin supplied password to login into management node
  9. System will ask to change the password
  10. Change the passoword and keep it same as done in Step 3
  11. Log out
  12. Log out from ipaddress
  13. Start a new session ssh userid@ipaddress
  14. Now you can use the changed password to login.

To change the passoword in future, change the password on mn1 and it will propogate the password
through the system



Login fails

If for some reason the secure shell commands do not work, please

X11 does not work

If opening new X windows does not work, please check the following:

ForwardX11Trusted yes

in your .ssh/config file should achieve the same effect. Note that this setting assumes that you trust our administrators as well as our security procedures, since technically this opens a tunnel that allows an attack on your X11 display. You can consider using the -X switch (or the ForwardX11 configuration file setting) instead, but a great many X11 clients will not work at all then.

error in locking authority file

at login, please check your HOME filesystem quota. If this command indicates an overflow, you need to delete files from your HOME directory. Multiple simultaneous logins to the target system may also provoke the above error message (in this case due to file locking). In the latter case, please exit the failed shell and start a new one.


Password Change

To change your login account password, login to Aaditya HPC system wit your current credentials and type below command:

$ passwd

It will ask to enter Old password and enter new password twice.



The default login shell for new users is bash.

To confirm which shell is your default shell, enter:

$ echo $SHELL

Sample output:


To change the shell, enter:

$ chsh


Policies to Review

Users are expected to be aware of the following policies for working on AADITYA.

Passwords must be changed at least once in 12 months. We are aware that this measure imposes some overhead on users, but believe that it is necessary on security reasons.

Changing the password is also necessary after it has been newly issued, or reset to a starting value by a Aaditya HPC administrator. This assures that actual authentication is done with a password known only to the account owner.

Memory or CPU intensive programs running on the login nodes can significantly affect all users of the system. Therefore, only small applications requiring less than 10 minutes of runtime and less than 2 GBytes of memory are allowed on the login nodes else process will automatically killed. Login nodes are mainly used for compilation/editing/submitting jobs.