Intel Compilers

This document gives a short overview of the the Intel Compilers on the Linux-based HPC systems at Aaditya.


On all HPC platforms at Aaditya, the Intel Fortran and C/C++ Compilers are available as mainline compilers. The packages also include the Intel debugger.

Presently available versions are listed in the following table.

Product Version OpenMP standard support
Fortran Compiler 13.1, 14.0 3.1 support with some 4.0 features
C/C++ Compiler 13.1, 14.0 3.1 support with some 4.0 features


The Intel Fortran Compiler provides a full implementation of the Fortran 95 standard (plus most Fortran 2003 features as well as vendor-specific extensions) for 32 and 64 bit x86 (Pentium-class and above). The Intel C/C++ Compiler provides an ANSI compatible implementation of the C and C++ languages.

Calling the compilers

The compiler call for Fortran 77/90/95 is ifort, where either a suitable switch for the language standard to be supported must be provided, or the file extension indicates this (e.g., .f for Fortran 77, .f90 for Fortran 90 free source).
The C compiler is called via icc, and the C++ compiler must be called via icpc.


Documentation on the Web (Intel)