Users can access Aditya HPC services from outside Institute network using IITM SSL VPN Service

IITM SSL VPN is Two-Factor authentication service. Users can use their IITM email credentials as login & password and Fortitoken OTP to connect SSL VPN service.

Note: For IP address details and Fortitoken device, please contact to

Procedure to connect

Step 1: Open the URL:

Step 2: Please enter your IITM email credentials to login as first authentication factor and Fortitoken OTP as second authentication factor

Step 3: It will ask to download SSL VPN clients plug-in, kindly proceed with download & installation.

Step 4: Users need to restart/refresh the browser to enable SSL VPN client.

Note: After restarting the browser it may ask to re-login

Step 5: Now user can connect SSL VPN using connect button

VPN Logo

Step 6: Now users can access Aditya HPC with their HPC credentials

For any other queries and access kindly contact: