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Support SLURM equivalent in LSF in IITM Aditya.

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I am trying to install a model (RSM-ROMS) in IITM-Aditya. This model has been tested so far on SLURM job scheduler.

I understood that IITM’s aditya uses LSF. Hope, I could get everything else in order its just two lines from our scripts which I am not able to translate from SLURM to LSF. Would you please help me to get LSF equivalent of following ibrun

Basically we use 240 processors out of which 224 for RSM and 16 for ROMS
so inside a script we create

-n 192 :rfcst.x
-n 48 :roms.x roms.parm
touch f00
chmod 755 f00
ibrun f00 1>$here_dir/$outs.ft$hx 2>&1

I tried replacing ibrun by mpirun but we are getting error .

Kindly provide a solution for this.

Thanking you

With best regards

mpi.output.664784 (3.8 KB) Girishkumar MS, 03/08/2016 09:24 PM

mpi.error.664784 (91.1 KB) Girishkumar MS, 03/08/2016 09:24 PM


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Sorry for late reply!!!
This issue not not visible for us as you have created it under wrong project (Modelling at IITM). We are only keeping track of the issues under "Aaditya Application Support" project.
Are you still facing this issue? If yes then let us know to proceed further with this request.

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Sorry. This issue is already responded and closed.

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